Tag Heuer Silverstone watch

November 16 | Author: John | Category: Tag Heuer High-end watches , Tag Heuer Silverstone Tag Heuer Silverstone 1

The news from TAG Heuer is coming thick and fast. Finally we’re able to bring new some photos of the TAG Heuer Silverstone in the flesh. It’s great to see studio shots of a new watch, but the real test is how they look in “real-life” photos, because these are a better representation of what the watch will look like on your wrist.

A quick re-cap: the Tag Heuer Silverstone replica watch is one of the more elegant of the 1970s Chronomatic Heuer models and was available in three colours- blue, fume (smoke) and red- all with the famous Calibre 12 Chronomatic Heuer movement.

There was also a Lemania 5100-powered Heuer Silverstone in the early 1980s, but the only aspect that this model shares with the original is its name.

Importantly for vintage Heuer collectors, the crown sits on the left-hand side of the replica watch, just as it did for all the Chronomatic Heuers of the 1970s.

The design of the TAG Heuer Silverstone is almost identical to the original Heuer Silverstone- a true re-production of the original, rather than a modern interpretation of a classic model.

Tag Heuer Silverstone 2

The photos on the right shows an original Heuer 110.313B Silverstone and you can see that the dial shape, graphics and markings are basically identical to the new model.

The only noticeable differences are the change in pusher-design and the loss of the 12-hour counter, a feature of the original Calibre 12 that the new Calibre 11 lacks. While the pushers are not the same as the original, they are a pleasing design- quite close to the Heuer Monza re-edition.

At the back of the replica watch is a clear display case-back, which shows off a nicely finished rotor featuring the original red Heuer logo. The LE number is of course is also displayed.

Tag Heuer Silverstone 3

The original Silverstone was powered by Calibre 11 automatic . This movement was launched in 1969 as the world’s first automatic chronograph movement with micro rotor. The movement was characterized by the date counter at 6 o’clock and the two pushbuttons places across from the crown in two indentations. The crown is being place in the 9 o’clock than the usual 3 o’clock. So the question concerned to everyone is the movement of the remake Silverstone, Tag Heuer President and CEO Jean Christophe Babin asked enthusiasts what feature should be change the answer is “none” ,so in order to keep the same configuration of the original chronograph, the appropriate movement for the Silverstone is Tag Heuer Calibre 11.

The nod to the pasSilverstonet continues with other details , both on the mechanism and on the case and dial. The rotor , which is visible through a clear sapphire back surrounded by the appropriate limited edition nomenclature ,shows the vintage “Heuer” logo in red, along with Cote de Geneve finishing . This theme continues to the dial, with a monochrome vintage ”Heuer” logo and Silverstone lettering at 12 o’clock .if you look very carefully at both the new and the old Silverstone, you will see another small difference, the “Swiss made “ lettering at 6 o’clock.A very elegant on the wrist, the curves of the 42mm case are smooth and well finished.