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The ergonomic sports watch

The Tag Heuer Professional Sports replica watch is an exceptionally lightweight and robust quartz timepiece. Now re-imagined as the Professional Sports Watch, it delivers the unprecedented ease of movement and performance required by all high level sports.

For years golf experts would advise against wearing a watch on the green but TAG Heuer has bent the rules. Golfers would normally avoid wearing a watch because of comfort factors such as the extra weight on the wrist that can interfere with the precision of the golfer’s swing, the clasp and folding buckle that can hurt the wrist, and lastly because the watches can be damaged by the repetitive and forceful shocks generated by every golf swing.

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Beginning in 2005, TAG Heuer collaborated with Tiger Woods and with his expertise and knowledge of the game, fused sports and style into the world’s first Professional Sports replica watch for professional golfers.

This watch features an ultra-flexible rubber strap with flexible elasticity that offers comfort to the golfer’s wrist. It prevents the wrist from sliding around, which would interfere with the golfer’s glove. The strap also adapts to its length to any change in the wrist diameter (which would change during the course of a game during a single swing). To provide additional comfort to the wrist, especially in a bent position, TAG Heuer moved the crown from the 3 o’clock position to the 9 o’clock position and joined the clasp into the replica watch head. The final result is an effortless comfort to the golfer’s wrist that will not interfere with the golfer’s swing.

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The lightness of the watch is due to the light titanium, silicon rubber, and stainless steel that will sit on the golfer’s wrist peacefully without the golfer even noticing that he/she has a replica watch on the green.

Finally, the watch will not be damaged by the constant swing on the green. The TAG Heuer Professional Sports Watch’s anti-shock design has a 5,000 Gs of shock resistance to withstand even the hardest of swing.