ag Heuer Professional Sports Golf Watch

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An extra thin, high-quality movement means that this Professional Sports Watch weighs only 30 percent of a regular steel watch.

The first watch for Tag Heuer Professional Sports Golf replica, developed and worn by the world’s best player. It has been specially designed to meet golfers’ special requirements. Its high-tech materials and carefully studied ergonomic design means that the TAG Heuer professional golf watch will never bother a golfer during the swing. With black dial and a brushed steel bezel.

Tag Heuer Professional Sports Golf Watch 2

Golf players in the game do not wear watches because there are so few: the extra weight on your wrist will affect the accuracy of hard-hitting, traditional watch buckle or folding clasp and crown, easy to plan during the race wrist hurt; strap too tight or too loose will make wrist discomfort Finally reason is that most can not afford to replica watch golf swing brings continuous vibration.

As the first professional golfer for the design of the clock, helped TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch by Tiger Woods develop and implement test. This watch is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of golfers, it is also the first in the golf tournament can provide perfect comfort watch.

Tag Heuer Professional Sports Golf Watch 3

TAG Heuer uses advanced two brushed titanium with solid stainless steel alloy to create this ultra-thin professional golf watch, it weighs only 55 grams, golfer swing almost feel it’s there, and will not affect the accuracy. Additionally linked TAG Heuer and header through the ring together innovative patented technology, to eliminate any possibility of scratching the wrist. Made to the design of the standard second change is that the crown from the 3 o’clock position to the 9 o’clock position. TAG Heuer Professional Golf replica watch is also equipped with a unique ultra-flexible elastic strap, which is another innovation. Band will not slip, thus avoiding any risk of injury, and this feature makes it apply to any size wrist.

Thanks to the excellent team of engineers and designers watches, and Tiger Woods is well aware of every detail in the game, TAG Heuer created this overcomes all obstacles stylish sports watch-Professional Golf replica watch.

TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch has undoubtedly become a professional golfer essential equipment, but also watch enthusiasts from around the world and ultimately the concern.


Quartz 32,768 Hz.


Analog: Hours — minutes — seconds. Date window