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November 12 | Author: John | Category: Tag Heuer Link Tag Heuer Link banner

Avant-garde in design, avant-garde in elegance

Tag Heuer Link replica watches has led the field in watch ergonomics since launching the first wrist chronograph in 1914. Keeping the same spirit as the original S/EL born in 1987, the 4th generation of LINK offers the most comfortable bracelet ever, in an even sharper and more elegant design. The new Link model features a highly complex, sophisticated geometry, combining a cushion shape with a round shape on the bezel, brushed horns with polished rounded edges. The dial has a vertical streak effect, the logo and indexes are hand-applied. All those luxurious details make the Link an enduring symbol of success, determination and elegance. An Icon.

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TAG Heuer Link automatic chronograph uses Calibre 16, based on ETA 7750, as the movement. Stainless steel case with fixed stainless steel bezel, together with tachymeter, three subdials for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours chronograph, are basic TAG Heuer Link construction. The date display in 3 o’clock without overlapping any subdial makes design clearer.

Thanks to S-Link bracelet, comfortable and ergonomics are the signature feature for TAG Heuer Link. Each of the S-Link individual component is fitting nicely and tightly, the edge surfaces are polished well.

We get lots of watch reviews from By-Tor who does lots of independent writing for Replica Collector and other forums. Here are By-Tor’s investigations about the TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph piece, which deserves some much-needed eyebrow-raising.

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With replica watches it’s hard not to turn common knowledge on its head and go for quantity over quality – they’re so cheap, and you know they’re not really going to be exceptionally-made anyways. I find its tempting to make impulse buys and fan out in all directions with styles and types of watches, even if half the watches you buy don’t get much ‘wrist-time’ and get left out of the loop. This TAG Heuer changed all that for me – especially the part about quality and quantity. It immediately looked like a high-end Tag Heuer replica and I immediately started bugging my dealer Precious Time to get one for me. When it finally came to me, it was just as beautiful as I expected, and didn’t have a scratch on it. The delivery was great too – thanks PT! No hassles with international shipping, no UK mumbo-jumbo, no haggling, just a pristine TAG to prod and poke and write about for you folk.

The TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph is a truly excellent replica watch, and I don’t say that often. It’s up there with the Bentley I almost bought but didn’t since I had a Breitling already- so I went TAG instead. I’ve never actually owned a TAG Heuer – or rather a TAG Heuer replica. In fact, I’ve never had a watch with a blue face at all come to think of it. It’s a dashing look I have to say, bright, bold, beaming.

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Dials can be difficult to make for this brand due to the Seamaster-esque wave-like stripes that adorn the surface at the center. The sort of electric-y look is hard to show here, unless you use reflections:

You can see too that the crown is a regular screw-top and it works just fine – though the pushers could use some lubrication because they’re pretty tight for manipulating.