Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum watch

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The first-ever mechanical movement without hairspring.

In 2009, TAG Heuer revolutionized the transmision principle by launching a limited edition of 150 pieces of Monaco V4, the first ever belt driven movement.In 2010, TAG Heuer presents a new revolution. For the first time, the oscillator of a movement has been re-invented : TAG Heuer replaces the traditionnal hairspring by magnets, which drive the balance wheel.

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In the TAG HEUER PENDULUM replica watch, the traditional hairspring is replaced by an “invisible” or virtual spring derived from magnets. The device becomes a harmonic oscillator. The magnetic field, generated by means of 4 high-performance magnets and controlled in 3D through complex geometric calculations, provides the linear restoring torque necessary for the alternative oscillations of the balance wheel. The oscillating period of the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept is resistant to changes from perturbing forces, which is what makes it an exceptionally good timekeeping device. The movement built with this revolutionary oscillator is fully mechanical and does not contain any electronics or driven actuators. The magnets generate a constant field over decades. There is no loss of amplitude and the movement’s frequency can be modulated on a very large spectrum of frequency without overburdening the power supply.TAG Heuer Pendulum beats at 43,200/hour (6 Hertz). It requires no additional components and is based on physical magnetic properties. Housed inside a motor-sports-inspired case with designs faithful to the exclusive luxury codes of the Tag Heuer Grand CARRERA: polished and angled edges, curved and facetted horns on both sides of black titanium coated steel case.The special dial aperture at 9 o’clock allows to admire the beating heart of the TAG HEUER PENDULUM avant-garde movement.

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So how do they eliminate a spring yet keep the movement mechanical? Fairy dust? Unicorn horns? No, it’s achieved through the magic of magnets. That’s how, Mr. Smartypants. It has 4 magnets located in 3 dimensional space that provide a constant field for decades. And best of all, according to TAG, this new movement is “resistant to changes from perturbing forces.” They don’t specifically state what these “perturbing forces” are, but I would assume vibration, temperature, humidity, gravity, solar flares, and alien invaders.

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The oscillator in the Pendulum Concept beats at 43,200/hour. It took the TAG Heuer R&D team 3 years to perfect. Apparently one of those “perturbing forces” that has not been defeated is temperature. That’s the next step for the R&D team is finding magnets that are less temperature sensitive. So maybe that 2015 time line is a bit optimistic.

Now onto the case. The case of the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum Concept is motorsport inspired. The Grand Carrera is said to be inspired my modern GT cars. The finish is black titanium covered steel. It has a dial aperture at 9 o’clock to view the beating pendulum.