Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang watch

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TAG Heuer’s most audacious haute-joaillerie creation to date

TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 Lady Yin Yang replica watch is fashioned of 136 grams of 18 carat white gold and has a unique yin-yang dial set with round brilliant diamonds: white diamonds for yin, black diamonds for yang. The discreetly sized 32mm case is set with dazzling baguette diamonds — a first for TAG Heuer. Another first is the breathtaking TAG Heuer shield at 12 o’clock, which is realized in gorgeous baguette diamonds. Setting these “long rod” diamonds is notoriously difficult. Each must be sized by hand to fit perfectly, and setting requires painstakingly careful attention to ensure against breakage.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang 2

Inspired by the ancient Chinese Yin-Yang symbol, this ladies’ replica watch has been presented as the most refined Tag Heuer’s creation ever. A new Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang is one-of-a-kind timepiece that represents the mixture of the great idea, perfect execution and the breathtaking glamour.

The Yin-Yang symbol is presented on a dial, in such a marvelous way that has required exceptional skills and creativity. The dial is completely set with 245 brilliant cut diamonds. Black diamonds represent Yin, while white sparkling stones are used for Yang. Each sized manually to fit ideally, these round diamonds which spherical cut maximizes brilliance and scintillation, form the meaningful symbol that even goes over the edge of the dial and spreads its white and black colors on the bezel and the bracelet.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang 3

Eastern-Oriental culture is famous all over the planet for its one-of-a-kind traditions, symbols and history. The Yin Yang symbol is one of the most commonly known representations, now being drawn on a vast array of items, even serving as coat of arms. TAG Heuer thought it would be a good idea to craft a timepiece based on the respective logo, thus presenting the Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang.