Tag Heuer Diamond Fiction watch

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The astonishing alliance of high-end jewelry and sexy space-age technology

Diamond Time: an illuminating idea.Imagine a gorgeous bracelet in red satin and positively dripping with Top Wesselton diamonds. Press a button and some of the diamonds magically change color, illuminating the time in scintillating red diamond digital…It is a deluxe diamond dream that not only measures time to a thousandth of a second - something no other Swiss digital replica watch has ever achieved - but does so with indomitable feminine grace and seductive flair.A luxury chronograph replete with 879 Top Wesselton (5,8 carats) , full cut, VS/SI (1.1 mm) diamonds. 54 of the diamonds (3,8 carats) hide LEDs that display the time in glowing red. The big, squared-off case in polished steel, is classic TAG Heuer, reminiscent of some of the prestigious brand’s most distinctive creations and marking the brand’s audacious design and provocative style.

Tag Heuer Diamond Fiction 2

The Tag Heuer Ladies’ Diamond Fiction replica watch is the first timepiece, which uses diamonds to indicate time.

Distinguished by undeniable charm, a display of the Tag Heuer watch is sprinkled with gorgeous diamonds. The digital hours and minutes on its surface are shown in glowing red. It is achievable due to a cutting edge technology, which enables 54 specially cut diamonds to concentrate light from 54 LEDs - light emitting diodes.

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The Tag Heuer Ladies’ Diamond Fiction watch employs a rectangular-shaped stainless steel case.