Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrotimer Flying 1000 watch

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In 2011, Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrotimer Flying 1000 replica watch, the world’s first 500hz mechanical chronograph. A revolutionary mechanical chronograph regulator without any balance wheel system and equipped with TAG Heuer’s two escapements “MIKRO” architecture, the Mikrotimer’s beats 3.6 million times per hour, making it 125 times faster than a standard Swiss chronograph. Its central chronograph hand completes a full rotation 10 times per second. Stunningly beautiful, with its black Titanium Carbide coated case with contrasting steel horns and the black ruthenium-treated movement inside.

TAG Heuer have achieved the watch-making equivalent of this feat with the announcement today of the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000, a new in-house concept replica watch capable of 1/1000th accuracy. You may recall that the Mikrograph set new record back in January for being the first mechanical chronograph to achieve 1/100th accuracy, a record that has been smashed. While there is speculation that other brands may show 1/100th concepts at Basel this week, TH has moved the game on.

Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrotimer Flying 1000 2

The dial has two central Chronograph hands. The first green central hand measures the 1/100th and 1/1000th of a second on the external scale. The second, smaller central hand indicates elapsed minutes and 1/12s of a minute (i.e. 5 seconds).

The time is read on the dial by adding together the 1/ 10th of a second from the 5-second sub-dial at 6 o’clock to the 1/100th and 1/1000th read from the central hand on the external dial. Its not as easy as simply reading off the 1/100th of a second from the dial of the Mikrograph, but it does allow the dial to remain relatively un-cluttered and places a priority on being able to more easily read the smaller increments of time.

We had earlier seen the Tag Heuer Indy 500 centennial chronograph, that went into fractions of a second, and now challenging the barrier is the Mikrotimer Flying 1000, earlier seen as a concept which is touted as the world’s fastest chronometer replica watch, capable of tracking 1/1000th of a second in time. This also makes it the most powerful wrist watch that is capable of tracking time lesser than what it takes for a human to blink.

Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrotimer Flying 1000 3

The Mikrometer’s technological prowess is showed in the movement speed which is 500 Hz, a 100 fold increase when compared to other luxury timepieces. This makes it possible to dish out 3.6 million beats an hour, which one can see when he/she takes a look at the 1/1000th of a second hand, which seems to be almost invisible when running. The other dials, with the similar white Arabic numerals on the black background, display smaller fractions of a second, which by themselves are the farthest a person generally thinks of. It almost appears comical when one notices the virtually muted silver minute and hour hands, and gives a feeling if they are in the correct place or not!

This unique timepiece was built as a prototype, but now is going to be a part of a limited edition collection of 10 pieces, this one will surely make everyone get lost in time!