TAG HEUER AQUARACER 300M Grande Date Chronograph 43 mm

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In addition to accuracy to within 1/10th of a second, this TAG HEUER AQUARACER 300M Grande Date replica watch has graphic styling and a colored turning bezel which makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Aquaracer Grand Date, a simple “3-hand” quartz watch with the twist of the seconds hand being located at the 6 o’clock register. This watch is the Tag’s largest basic quartz aquaracer, This new model replaces the Aquaracer WAF1010 which had a semi-circle seconds register at the 6 o’clock position. At around 41mm depending on exactly how you measure, this watch is an attractive full size dive watch and a big stylstic improvement over its predecessor. What I like about all three of these new Aquaracers is the pattern on the dial. You can see in the silver example below that there is a subtle horizontal pattern across the face of the dial, which presents itself with varying degrees of subtlety depending on how the light hits it.

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Functions & features

Large luminescent hands and markers are easily legible in the dark or underwaterSix large studs on bezel allow for easy manipulation with diving glovesDouble security clasp bracelet. With easy to use push buttonsWater resistant to 300m: a proof of ultimate resistance ensured by rigorous manufacturing standards and strict testing."Grande Date" display below 12 o'clockChronograph accurate to 1/10th of a secondIn 1975, TAG Heuer introduced the world's first quartz chronograph. Today, the company is still at the cutting edge of timing technology and produces quartz chronographs that offer highly accurate time measurement, while remaining easy to use.FUNCTIONS OF THE 1/10TH SEC. CHRONOGRAPHS The 1/10th sec. quartz chronographs can measure up to 12 hours of elapsed time to within 1/10th of a second. They have the following basic functions: • Simple time measurement • Additional time measurementScratch resistant sapphire crystal for excellent durabilityAll our watches are fitted with sapphire crystal. This is cut from a polished slice of solid sapphire that has been created by the fusion and crystallization of alumina. Sapphire is so hard that only a diamond can scratch it.Counters for split seconds, minutes, hours, small secondsOversize screw in crown with double gaskets Easy-to-hold and ensuring water-resistance to 300 mFine-brushed steel case with a diameter of 43 mmUnidirectional turning bezel measures time limits and is an essential safety feature. Any accidental movement of the bezel can only reduce the indicated remaining time.

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Quartz movement


A QUARTZ MOVEMENTA quartz movement is powered by a battery. Its regulator (time-measuring device) is a quartz crystal. An electrical current causes the crystal to vibrate very consistently and at a very high frequency (32,768 times per second). This gives the movement almost perfect precision (a variation of only a few seconds per month.)

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TAG HEUER QUARTZ MOVEMENTS Quartz movements used by TAG Heuer are some of the most reliable and accurate made in Switzerland. They are also distinguished by excellent resistance to shocks and magnetic fields.


TAG HEUER BATTERIES The batteries for TAG Heuer quartz movements have a service life of at least two years.


END-OF-LIFE INDICATOR For increased security, all TAG Heuer quartz watches(except chronographs) are ?tted with an end of battery life indicator (EOL). When the battery shows signs of weakening, the seconds hand starts making four-second jumps every four seconds. However, the movement continues to display the exact time until the battery is exhausted.